High Impact Leadership

Session Overview

This workshop introduces the participant to key concepts of managing employees. It provides a coaching tool that will help them further understand the importance of setting expectations, motivating and developing their team.

It is primarily focused on the leader getting to know themselves. It uses validated tools to identify their communication style and their top 5 strengths. We help the leader understand it is through the choices they make each day that demonstrates who they truly are or can be. We encourage them to reach the highest level of leadership by making the best decisions in the interest of the organization.

Linking all the concepts together, the participant is able to determine and build their action plan for change in their own self-awareness, the impact they have on individual team members, and their workplace and workgroup. A process to ensure accountability is put in place with another member of the class. At least two follow-up individual coaching sessions are recommended after the training is completed to further instill some of the disciplinary practices that are taught and to provide executive level coaching to the participants to help them better reach their goals.

Learning Objectives

  • To help an entrepreneurial leadership team learn how to instill a sense of discipline in their organization.
  • Leaders will learn the basic concepts to grow an organization to greatness.
  • Leaders will determine their communication style and learn how to utilize it when they coach their employees.
  • Leaders will learn how to use the tools provided to coach their team members.
  • Leaders will learn their top 5 strengths and how to apply these unique talents on the job to achieve success and motivate their employees.

Length of Session

  • 14 hour workshop

After each class we recommend at least two individual one-on-one coaching sessions.
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