IMPACT EQ - Advanced

Session Overview

This workshop takes the employee to another level in their quest to understand how to better manage their own emotional intelligence. It is divided into six specific modules that focus on specific elements of the four quadrants to emotional intelligence.

The learning continues to use movie clips and visual examples and is integrated with current examples selected by the participant from their daily activities.

Learning Objectives

Module 1: Raise Self-Awareness by Leaning Into Discomfort - 1 hour

  • Participants will explore the range of emotions.
  • Participants will learn about Ray Charles and his self-awareness skills.
  • Participants will identify their own personal list of positive and negative emotions.
  • Participants will make a commitment to learn more about one emotional reaction they experience.

Module 2: Self-Manage by Reframing Self-Talk - 1 hour and 15 minutes

  • Participants will watch self-talk in action.
  • Participants will explore their patterns of negative and positive self-talk.
  • Participants will rewrite the negative script (inner dialogue) of a character in Adaptation.
  • Participants will track and rewrite their negative inner dialogue.

Module 3: Developing Social Awareness through Their View of My EQ - 2 hours and 30 minutes

  • Participants will openly look at their EQ strengths and opportunities through the eyes of others.
  • Participants will raise their self-awareness and social-awareness skills.
  • Participants will practice self-management through positive self-talk.
  • Participants will practice relationship management by thanking the people they invited to give them feedback.
  • Participants will set EQ skill development goals.

Module 4: Team Emotional Intelligence Through Our View of Our EQ - 2 hours and 30 minutes

  • Participants will openly look at their Team EQ strengths and development opportunities.
  • Participants will raise their awareness skills.
  • Participants will seek participation throughout the session and allow for time for full discussions.
  • Participants will draw from the experience of people in the room.

Module 5: Managing Relationships to Break the Conflict Code - 2 hours

  • Participants will revisit a story of conflict of their own.
  • Participants will review the emotions around this conflict.
  • Participants will watch and coach Mathew Broderick and Laura Linney in an employee vs. supervisor conflict.
  • Participants will break the conflict code by using EQ skills to address 3 critical needs: Yours, theirs and those of the working relationship.
  • Participants will advise each other on a selected current conflict.

Module 6: How to Train Your EQ Brain - 30 minutes

  • Participants will learn brain change strategies from key expert sources.
  • Participants will fill out My EQ Brain Training Plan (6 action plan cards).

Length of Session

  • Up to 10 hours of training – The entire course consists of six modules ranging from a short 45 minutes to the longest duration of 2.5 hours. We can deliver all in a day and a half or customize the program to deliver only the modules that you need in the time slots that you have available.