Maximize Your Strengths

Session Overview

This workshop introduces the participant to their top 5 strengths and is an excellent team building event to conduct with a group of people who are working together either on a project or in a small organization.

It uses a validated testing approach to identify out of 34 possible themes, which 5 are your top talents. Given this information, the facilitator will help you identifiy how you can use yours to move you forward to your personal and professional goals.

It will also discuss how to compliment and utilize the combined talents of a group so that everyone contributes at the level where they are doing what they do best. The end result is a high performing work team.

Learning Objectives

  • To learn how to apply your unique talents in life to achieve success and happiness.
  • To encourage collaborative efforts and the combination of strengths as a central value of a learning culture and a high performing work team.
  • To shift perceptions and behaviors toward strengths based models.
  • To provide resources and tools to help individuals build on their strengths

Length of Session

  • 4 hour workshop

After each class we recommend at least two individual one-on-one coaching sessions.
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