Assessments/Executive Coaching

Gail Stockton is a seasoned coach with nationwide experience in assisting leaders to profitably grow their businesses. She has worked with all levels of leadership on their own personal development and with senior leaders to design their high potential development processes to improve and retain talent in a company. Gail can administer and facilitate the entire suite of 360-degree feedback tools provided by the Center of Creative Leadership.

Assessments are often considered a more valid way to secure input and information on the performance of an executive or for high potential employees, because they combine various perspectives and sources of input to get a full, complete and well-rounded picture of who you currently are and how you are currently performing. For example, the Benchmarks 360-degreee assessment is designed and validated for developmental purposes. It identifies the strengths and developmental needs for you from 5 unique perspectives as well as your own:

  • Your executive team
  • Your boss
  • Your peers
  • Your direct reports
  • Others (to be defined)

The information provides a normative comparison to others at your same level in your same type of industry. It also provides detailed information on 16 different competency areas essential to management and executive roles. A separate section provides you with feedback on five problem areas that may lead to your derailment. Once completed, if desired, qualitative data can be collected to better understand the numbers. We then work with you to create a detailed development plan, based on the feedback and your personal goals.

This tool can be customized to include specific questions and incorporate corporate branding or modified to a desired length. When working with groups of individuals, a Group Profile can also be requested at various levels. We have a network of affiliate coaches available to provide a more personal selection of your coach, if needed.

Stockton Training challenges leaders to understand every aspect of their company, evaluate what makes them and their organization unique, and leverage the talents of each individual team member.