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What do I do best?
      How can I take my life and enhance it?
          How could I have made that task easier?

The strengths revolution is upon us. Using a validated tool that consists of 180 questions, originally created by Don Clifton and Marcus Buckingham; we can discover your top 5 talents out of a list of 34 themes. We help you to understand what they mean and how they answer these three questions so you can use your strengths to excel in every aspect of your life.

This concept can be applied to a team just as easily as an individual. It is an excellent team-building activity. It allows every team member to understand the specific talents they bring to the group. It encourages and allows for a better understanding of how complimentary strengths balance a team when it is seeking a common goal.

The strengths-based philosophy doesn’t have you waste time concentrating on developing your weaknesses. Instead you move directly to enhancing what you already do well and take it to a new level of perfection.

As a certified Strengths Coach, we work with you or your team to teach you how to use your own top talents more frequently, so that you spend more of your day doing what you do best.

Once you are aware of how to use your own talents you can reach a new level of perfection. You will be able to bring the saying “Practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect” to life.

However, more importantly, when you use your personal strengths, you feel more alive, energized and strong. We are passionate about helping you to become one of the 2 out of 10 Americans that use their strengths everyday.

Each coaching session is facilitated against your needs and personal goals. You make the decisions and determine what action needs to take place. We help you think through how you will get it done and hold you accountable to making it happen, continually moving you forward toward your dreams and goals.

Group coaching sessions are also available.
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